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Company profile

NDConsult Ltd  (Registered in England No. 6707372)

NDConsult was established at the end of 2008 and provides independent consultancy services in the fields of satellite navigation and Earth Observation (EO) with a focus on international activities, market and business analysis, and impact analyses (social, environmental and economic).

NDConsult is an SME that offers consultancy services in the following fields:

  • Impact analyses of space and non-space technologies – using ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) and/or Social Metrics (inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts) methodologies.
  • Business model and business case/sustainability analyses for EO downstream applications and citizen observatories.
  • Market analysis of downstream industries and markets for satellite navigation and earth observation products and services.
  • Cost benefit analysis and socio-economic assessment of European space programmes such as Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus.
  • International activities with a specific focus on Africa, South Africa and Eastern Europe for projects related to satellite navigation.

The company has considerable knowledge of and expertise in:

  • Space programmes in Europe such as EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus, as well as worldwide initiatives such as GEO (Group on Earth Observation).
  • Crowdsourced and Citizen Observatory (CO) data to complement EO.
  • Business reviewing of a number of HE and H2020 ‘Taking EO applications to market’ projects.
  • Implementation activities of a GNSS augmentation system (SBAS) in Africa and South Africa for civil aviation.
  • Applications and downstream markets for GNSS and SBAS.
  • Liaising with African organisations and with the European Investment Bank and the EC’s DG-Development on funding options for the implementation of a new navigation system (SBAS) for Africa.
  • Project management and execution as part of an European team.

Nina Costa

Mobile: +39 347 223 1770